The Fastest, Safest, Easiest Solution To Eliminate Corrosion From Salt

Guaranteed to Remove Salt and Brine

PH Neutral

Safe On Wax and Ceramic Coatings

100% Bio-Degradable and Safe


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Customer Reviews

Amazing Product

My husband is a car enthusiast and can not stand what the brine does to his vehicles! This is a must have if they salt where you live. Finally a product to address a real need.

Jenny - Princeton, NJ

Where has something like this been?

It is a no brainer that salt causes rust on my truck. I can't believe something so simple to use can eliminate my issue. I use it once a week during the winter and I can SEE the difference! I highly recommend to anybody that doesn't want a rust bucket!

Scott - Boston, MA

Saves me money

I own 8 fleet vehicles that take a horrible beating during the winter months. The steel and aluminum on a brand new truck look 5 years old after 1 winter up here. The portable spray rig has been well worth the investment. It is simple to rinse the trucks and trailers 1-2 times per week and the difference is amazing. I wish they offered this at more truck washes so we could use it even more often! Pays for itself 10X over.

Todd - Fargo, ND

So easy

I'm a single Mom and between the roads and my kids my Tahoe takes a beating! It is really important to me that the product is safe because I use it on the carpets inside the vehicle to get out all the salt that gets tracked inside. My Dad also started putting a little in with our windshield washer fluid and it works AWESOME! Cheap and easy, fits well in my life.

Sharron - Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial Quality

We use this product on all of our plow trucks, spreaders etc. Kills the salt dead and prevents us from constantly having to paint.

Steven - City of Elmira, NY

I do corrosion inspector for a living and this kicks butt

I saw the product on tv and started using this on our small fleet of pickup trucks and family vehicles. I now highly recommend it to all of my industrial customers who spend millions trying to control corrosion caused by the brine on the roads here. Its a serious issue and a for real product.

Johnathan - Denver, CO

It does what it does

I use Salts Gone on my cars and boat. Saw it and thought I would give it a shot. Now I use it constantly because it clearly works.

Todd - Cape Cod, MA

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