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The Fastest, Safest, Easiest Solution To Eliminate Corrosion From Salt
Three in one

1. Removes salt

2. Inhibits corrosion

3. Contains premium surfactant for a brilliant finish

Simple to use.

Guaranteed to Remove Salt and Brine

PH Neutral

Safe On Wax and Ceramic Coatings

Non Toxic, Non Hazardous and Biodegradable

Salts Gone™ is the #1 performing product for salt removal and corrosion protection.
Whole home corrosion protection

Salts Gone Services provides on site corrosion protection and correction. Using our time tested and proven Salts Gone™ and Rusts Gone™ we prevent corrosion from occurring and stop existing rust dead in its tracks. Windows, exterior paint, AC units, vehicles, metal roofs etc. The whole property is covered under our monthly service.

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