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What Is Rusts Gone

Rusts Gone is a rust correcting primer. It works by using tannic acid to convert the ferrous oxide into ferric oxide. Imagine it as a powerful shield, fortifying your surfaces against the relentless advances of rust. Applying Rusts Gone is a breeze- just like painting, making it a user-friendly solution for anyone looking to safeguard their investments.

But that's not all. Rusts Gone isn't just a rust converter, it's your ultimate primer for virtually any topcoat. Whether you are planning to add a fresh coat of paint, protective sealant, or any other finish like our Thixo-Trop, Rusts Gone paves the way, ensuring your topcoat adheres flawlessly and extends the life of your equipment.

So, if you're a hardworking farmer striving to protect your valuable machinery or a dedicated mariner battling the corrosive sea air, say goodbye to the scourge of corrosion and hello to a rust-free future. Don't let rust take another inch of your equipment-choose Rusts Gone and keep your assets in pristine condition.

Rusts Gone Demo

What Is Thixo-Trop

Thixo-Trop is an advanced water-based coating. It's got a black semi-gloss finish that appears almost matte without looking flat. What sets Thixo-Trop apart is its unique thixotropic properties, ensuring it maintains its shape until brushed, making application effortless and precise. Where Thixo-Trop truly shines is it offers you not one, not two, but three powerful ways to harness its protective prowess.

  1. Stand Alone Defense: Thixo-Trop can be used by itself, applied directly to metal surfaces. It forms a robust barrier that resists rust, corrosion, and wear, ensuring your equipment stays in prime condition, no matter the challenges it faces.
  2. Perfect Partnership: When combined with Rusts Gone as a primer, Thixo-Trop becomes the ultimate topcoat duo. Together, they create a formidable defense against rust, offering double the protection and extending the life of your assets.
  3. The Zinc Advantage: For those seeking the pinnacle of protection, Thixo-Trop can be customized with added zinc. This high-performance blend creates an impenetrable shield that guards against even the most relentless corrosion, ensuring your equipment remains rust-free for years to come.

Thixo-Trop Instructions/Demo with Rusts Gone as a Primer

Thixo-Trop Instructions/Demo with Added Zinc

Don't Replace It,
Protect It From Rust.

How To Pair Them With Salts Gone® For The Ultimate Team Effort

Not only do these products shine individually, but when they join forces, they create an unbeatable trio that tackles your projects with precision and excellence. Start by using Salts Gone® to effortlessly wash away salt and dirt, leaving your project clean and primed. Next, Rusts Gone steps in, converting rust and priming your surface for the ultimate protection. And to crown it all, apply Thixo-Trop for a flawless, black, semi-gloss finish that not only looks stunning but also seals the deal on durability. With this dynamic trio by your side, your projects are set to reach new heights of perfection.