Salts Gone™ instantly removes salts, protects against corrosion, and contains premium surfactants for a brilliant finish.

Compliant with all FAA Guidelines

PH Neutral (even in the concentrate)

Does NOT emulsify oil, making it safe to use in conjunction with any oil-based corrosion inhibitors or lubricants

100% Water Soluble

Guaranteed Performance

Spotless Shine

Easy to Use

Wax and Ceramic Coating Safe

Zero VOC's

General Aviation

Detailed Walk-through on a Beechcraft Bonanza

A very thorough walk-thorough of how to use Salts Gone™ on your General Aviation plane. This video contains a detailed look at corrosion, key parts to focus on, and demonstrates the ease of use with the Salts Gone™ Hose End Sprayer.

Understanding Corrosion on a Piper Navajo Panther

A very detailed walk-through of this famous aircraft. This video highlights the use of our Commercial Wash Stations, showing their ease of use and practicality on larger aircraft.

Detailed Walk-Through On a Robinson Helicopter

This video is a detailed look at a Robinson Helicopter used daily in coastal agricultural applications. It includes an in depth look and personal experiences shared by pilot and owner Ryan Ashcroft of Ashcroft Aviation.

Preventing Corrosion on a Barron

In this video, two veteran instructors and evaluators walk through a Barron. They highlight not only how to use Salts Gone™, but how much gets used and just how long it takes!

Aviation Collection

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