We can tell you what Salts Gone™ does, but don't take our word for it!

Salts Gone ™ is an instantly acting chelating agent for salt/brine. There are three primary components to it:

  1. Chelating agents for the various forms of salt
  2. Corrosion inhibitors to prevent future salt from causing further damage
  3. Surfactants (Soap)

Salts Gone™ is:

PH Neutral

  • This means it's safe to use on any material you would find on a vehicle, including metals, glass, paint, ceramic coatings, wax, vinyl wraps, etc.

Highly Concentrated

Each gallon makes one hundred gallons of finished solution (1:100)

Can be applied with or without running water

Running water: Hose End Sprayers, injector boxes, pressure washers

No running water: Pump sprayers, Battery operated sprayers

Salts Gone™ does not emulsify oil

This means it's safe to use with any undercoating product

Salts Gone™: View It In Motion

You're already aware that Salts Gone™ is your go-to solution for effectively removing salt from various surfaces. What we haven't emphasized enough is the added bonus that comes with it – Salts Gone™ contains powerful corrosion inhibitors designed to halt the damaging effects of future salt. But don't just take our word for it; let the results speak for themselves.

We conducted tests by immersing different tools and projects in Salts Gone™, and the outcome is remarkable. Watch as the corrosion inhibitors spring into action, causing rust to dissolve right before your eyes. While Salts Gone™ is not designed for rust removal, it's yet another impressive benefit that sets this product apart.

Rusty Tools Left In Salts Gone™

A satisfied customer shares their experience with leaving rusty tools in Salts Gone concentrate.

This Video Highlights Salts Gone's™ Versatility

Watch the impressive performance of Salts Gone™ concentrate's corrosion inhibitors as they erase rust from a set of Allen keys in this demonstration. Plus, witness how it does so without causing any harm to a new fabric hat.

Salts Gone™ Wipes Remove Rust

This satisfied customer showcases the remarkable power of Salts Gone™ wipes with their demonstration of corrosion inhibitors in action, effectively revitalizing a rusty propellor.

Salts Gone™ vs. Vinegar

This engaging comparison showcases the transformation of rusty parts through a soak in Salts Gone™ concentrate versus vinegar. Decide for yourself which results you prefer.

Rusty Wrench in a Salts Gone™ Soak

Watch this customer submitted video of a friendly challenge. They revived a rusty wrench by soaking it in Salts Gone™ concentrate.