Combination Pack - Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop
Combination Pack - Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop
Combination Pack - Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop
Combination Pack - Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop

Combination Pack - Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop

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🛡️ Experience Total Protection with the Ultimate Defense Trio: Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, Thixo-Trop Combo Pack

Unlock unmatched protection against corrosion and rust with our all-encompassing ultimate defense trio combo pack. This meticulously curated package combines the formidable forces of Salts Gone®, Rusts Gone, and Thixo-Trop, arming you with a comprehensive toolkit to safeguard your valuable assets against the elements.

🎁 Inside Your Ultimate Defense Trio:

- Salts Gone® 32oz Hose End Sprayer: Simplify your pre-treatment process with our state-of-the-art Hose End Sprayer, pre-filled with 32 oz of Salts Gone®. Prepare surfaces for optimal rust protection, and set the stage for long-lasting finishes.

- Rusts Gone Quart: Take control of existing rust with Rusts Gone. This high-performance rust converter transforms corroded areas into prime, paintable surfaces, extending the life of your coatings and ensuring a flawless finish.

- Thixo-Trop Gallon: Elevate your surface protection with a gallon of Thixo-Trop, our breakthrough coating solution. Coat your projects with a state-of-the-art protective paint leaving you with a beautiful, black, semi-gloss finish. Designed for both durability and ease-of-use, Thixo-Trop doesn't demand specialized skills—just a commitment to enduring results.

🌟 Why Choose the Ultimate Defense Trio?

  1. Comprehensive Protection: With Salts Gone® to prepare, Rusts Gone to convert, and Thixo-Trop to seal, you’re empowered with a holistic approach to asset protection.

  1. Ease of Application: Whether it's the convenience of a Hose End Sprayer or the transformative power of a rust converter, each product is designed for effortless use.

  1. Durable Finish: Thixo-Trop ensures that your newly treated surfaces aren't just rust-free but are also endowed with a durable, long-lasting coating.

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Why buy separately when you can get all three at a bundled price? Realize significant savings with this all-in-one package.

  1. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications—from marine environments to industrial settings—this combo pack is as versatile as it gets.

Fortify your assets against corrosion, rust, and environmental damage like never before.

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