Soaring High with Clean Skies: Salts Gone® for Aircraft Care!

Soaring High with Clean Skies: Salts Gone® for Aircraft Care!

Defying the Elements: Salts Gone® in the World of Aircraft

As aircraft enthusiasts and professionals know, the skies offer boundless freedom and adventure. However, the harsh reality of salt and grime accumulation on aircraft surfaces can dampen the thrill of flight. Enter Salts Gone® (and Salts Gone® Aviation Formula), the game-changing solution designed to elevate aircraft care to new heights. Discover how this powerful cleaner transforms the way we maintain and protect our aerial machines.

1. The Challenge Above the Clouds:

  • Aircraft, while designed to conquer the skies, face a relentless battle against the elements. From airborne salt to dirt and grime, these contaminants accumulate on surfaces, impacting not only the aesthetic appeal but also the overall performance of the aircraft.

2. Cleaning with Salts Gone®:

  • Salts Gone® brings its cleaning formula to the world of aviation. Tailored to tackle salt and grime effectively, this cleaner ensures a thorough and meticulous cleanse, safeguarding aircraft surfaces from the corrosive effects of these elements.

3. Versatility at Altitude:

  • Our newest product, Salts Gone® Aviation Formula, proves its versatility at altitude, adapting to different aircraft materials and surfaces. From the wings to the landing gear, this cleaner provides comprehensive care, ensuring your aircraft maintains its pristine condition, inside and out.

4. How to Elevate Aircraft Care with Salts Gone®: A Quick Guide

  • Preparation:
    • For extra thoroughness, ensure the aircraft surface is free from loose dirt and debris. If necessary, perform a preliminary wash to remove surface contaminants.
  • Application:
    • Dilute Salts Gone® or Salts Gone® Aviation Formula according to the recommended ratio. Use a hose end sprayer or pump sprayer of your choosing for an even application.
  • Rinse and Dry:
    • Rinse the aircraft surface thoroughly, ensuring all residues are washed away. Allow the aircraft to air dry completely for optimal results.

Salts Gone® takes aircraft care to new heights, providing a cleaning solution for the challenges faced above the clouds. Elevate your aviation experience by embracing the power of Salts Gone® to keep your aircraft surfaces pristine and ready for the next adventure.

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