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Salts Gone® Services invites you to join the first ever mobile salt removal and corrosion protection business. Using our established product, we've adapted the equipment and business model to protect whole homes and small businesses from corrosion.

Coastal areas face persistent corrosion challenges that extend beyond just boats. Homes experience paint wear, AC units have reduced lifespans, light fixtures deteriorate rapidly, generators malfunction, and properties, in general, suffer accelerated damage due to salt air.
Salts Gone™ is a user-friendly and efficient solution needing minimal training, delivering immediate results for your customers. Create monthly accounts with homeowners, engage at the boat ramps over weekends, and build a business centered on protecting others' valuable assets! Call us at 832-242-1147

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Help Others Protect Their Largest Assets

Coastal Homes, Motor Homes, Airplanes, Boats, AC Units, Anything Exposed to Salt Air or Water

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