Does Salts Gone™ Replace Regular Wash?

Does Salts Gone™ Replace Regular Wash?

Here at Salts Gone™, we get this question a lot-- does Salts Gone™ replace regular wash? Well, the long-awaited answer is yes, for the majority of users, Salts Gone™ serves as the perfect replacement for their regular wash routine, whether it involves cleaning boats, cars, or other surfaces. In fact, many people prefer Salts Gone™ over other cleaners because not only is it getting rid of the dirt and grime, but it doubles as a salt remover and corrosion inhibitor. (Pro tip: utilizing a brush in conjunction with Salts Gone™ can easily eliminate stubborn dirt and residue.) 

Of course, every hero has its kryptonite, so there are exceptions for more intensive cleaning needs, such as removing stubborn stains like blood and guts from fishing or hunting activities. In these cases, a specialized cleaning approach may be necessary, and Salts Gone™ might be complemented by other heavy-duty cleaning methods. Nevertheless, for everyday cleaning tasks, Salts Gone™ proves to be an unbeatable and efficient alternative to traditional washing methods.

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