1 Gallon Salts Gone® with Pump Sprayer
1 Gallon Salts Gone® with Pump Sprayer
1 Gallon Salts Gone® with Pump Sprayer

1 Gallon Salts Gone® with Pump Sprayer

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🌬️ Winter and Marine Maintenance Made Effortless: The Ultimate Solution for Limited Water Access

Revolutionize your seasonal and marine care routine with this groundbreaking bundle of a 1-gallon Salts Gone® concentrate and pump sprayer, our powerful, two-component system. Specially designed to work in scenarios where water is scarce, this cutting-edge product duo becomes your go-to companion for comprehensive care and protection. 

🌟 Key Features:

- Telescoping Arm on 2L Pump Sprayer: Transcend the limitations of reach with a fully extendable arm. Easily access hard-to-reach areas like underneath vehicles or elevated surfaces, guaranteeing complete and thorough treatment.

- Quick & Easy Solution Preparation: Mix the perfect potent solution with utmost ease. Use the gallon jug pump to blend 1 oz of Salts Gone® with 2L of water—just four pumps activate the formula's full power, making preparation a cinch.

- Unmatched Efficacy: Create up to 100 gallons of highly effective solution capable of quickly eradicating salt and brine, and experience pristine results in an instant.

- Hassle-Free Refills: The Pump Sprayer's refill process is streamlined and straightforward, thanks to the concentrate. Sustain uninterrupted protection without the fuss.

- All-Weather Resilience: This duo is engineered to operate flawlessly even in sub-zero temperatures. It becomes your essential ally during the harsh winter months, ensuring a seamless application experience, come rain, snow, or shine.

🛠 Why Choose This Duo?:

  1. Versatile Application: The telescoping arm delivers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to treat a variety of surfaces with ease.

  1. Efficient & Economical: Produce up to 100 gallons of solution, offering remarkable value for your investment.

  1. All-Season Reliability: This is not just a seasonal item; it’s an all-year-round essential, perfectly adapted for both winter and marine challenges.


Take control of your winter and marine maintenance routine with this innovative product duo. Built for maximum efficacy and convenience, it truly is a game-changer in care and protection.

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