1 Gallon Salts Gone™ with Pump Sprayer

1 Gallon Salts Gone™ with Pump Sprayer

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Perfect for winter time application where running water is not accessible.

Pump Sprayer Holds 2 L of Water and has a telescoping arm for reaching under vehicles and high up places.

Add 1 oz of Salts Gone to 2L of water - 4 pumps with supplied gallon jug pump

  • Makes 100 gallons of solution
  • Removes Salt and Brine instantly
  • Fills Pump Sprayer Over 100 Times
  • Under $2 per use
  • Easy to use in below freezing conditions



Guaranteed to Remove Salt and Brine

Specifically Formulated to Eliminate Your Problem

100% Bio-Degradable and Safe

Safe for Residential and Marine Use


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