Rusts Gone - Gallon
Rusts Gone - Gallon

Rusts Gone - Gallon

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The 1-2 punch is now here!

1. Stop existing rust in its tracks with our easy to use Industrial Rust Converter.

2. Prevent future corrosion from salt with Salts Gone™.

A little product goes a long way. A Gallon  will do over 600 square feet of application. 


To Use:

1. Thoroughly rinse area to be treated with Salts Gone™ to remove any salt from surface.

2. Wire wheel or otherwise remove all loose rust from surface.

3. Blow surface clean to remove any dust.

4. Shake Rust Converter bottle well to mix.

5. Pour amount needed in a separate container (DO NOT use directly out of this package as contamination will occur resulting in product hardening).

6. Brush, roll or spray Rust Converter on area to be treated. Thoroughly work it into surface in a circular motion. Deeply penetrate all areas of active corrosion.

7. Converter will turn from white to black in areas affected by rust.

8. If areas are missed with first application, wait 30 minutes before re-coating over the same area.

9. Product will dry within 30 minutes.

10. Product will fully cure in 24 hours.

11. If a topcoat is desired, apply after product is fully cured.



Guaranteed to Remove Salt and Brine

Specifically Formulated to Eliminate Your Problem

100% Bio-Degradable and Safe

Safe for Residential and Marine Use


Take Pride in American Manufacturing