Salts Gone® Aviation Formula Hose End Sprayer
Salts Gone® Aviation Formula Hose End Sprayer
Salts Gone® Aviation Formula Hose End Sprayer

Salts Gone® Aviation Formula Hose End Sprayer

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Salts Gone® Aviation Formula-32oz Hose End Sprayer: Effortless Salt Removal for Aircraft

Elevate aircraft maintenance with the Salts Gone® Aviation Formula 32oz Hose End Sprayer. Tailored specifically for the aviation industry, this sprayer is your ally in preserving the integrity and appearance of your aircraft. Connect it directly to your garden hose for a seamlessly proportioned spray that covers efficiently and effectively—eliminating the guesswork and ensuring consistent, top-notch results every single use.

Key Features:

- 🌟 Ready to Deploy: Arrives pre-filled with 32 oz of our Aviation Formula concentrate. Just attach to any standard garden hose and you're set to begin the cleaning process.

- 🎯 Precision Proportioning: Features our advanced black nozzle, designed to maintain a precise 1:100 ratio of formula to water, preserving the concentrate’s strength directly from the bottle.

- 🌱 Sustainable Choices: Use with Salts Gone® Aviation Formula gallon-sized refills to keep your operations running smoothly while being mindful of the environment.

- 📏 Extensive Reach: Each 32 oz sprayer dispenses up to 25 gallons of ready-to-use product, sufficient to cover large aircraft surfaces multiple times, ensuring thorough maintenance.

- 💡 Adaptable Use: Includes settings for ON, OFF, and WATER ONLY, with an added trick for accessing difficult spots such as landing gear wells and engine nacelles.

- Domestically Produced: Both the sprayer and the bottle are made in the USA, guaranteeing high-quality and reliable performance.


Pro Tip: For those challenging-to-reach areas, remove the straw from the blue nozzle. This adjustment allows you to invert the bottle completely, extending your reach and enhancing your cleaning capabilities.

⚠️ Reminder: For optimal performance, refill only with Salts Gone® Aviation Formula concentrate. Pre-dilution can affect the effectiveness of the solution.

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