Why Not A Drive Through Car Wash?

Why Not A Drive Through Car Wash?

Traditional Car Washes Use Recycled Water

Fresh water has become an expensive commodity over the last decade. High volume water users do their best to recycle the water whenever possible as most States limit the amount the business can use. Car washes have been forced to take part in these rules and recycle their car wash water. They have great systems in place that remove the solids (dirt) and oil from the water. These systems DO NOT remove salts!

When we go to the car wash we are primarily focused on making our vehicle look clean! Most people that experience rust from winter road treatments first experience it under the vehicle. Unpainted parts like brackets, mufflers, drive shafts etc. are first to take the abuse. 

Car washes will make your car look pretty but will not address the issue at hand. The salt needs to be removed completely in order to stop the corrosion. Salts Gone eliminates salt and will leave a rust inhibitor on the surface to protect it until the next time you are able to rinse.

This 5 minute step can save you thousands in depreciating value on your vehicle. Salts Gone is guaranteed to remove salts from any surface. 

1 Gallon

5 Gallons

55 Gallons

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