From Offshore Rigs to Your Driveway: The Journey and Versatility of Salts Gone

From Offshore Rigs to Your Driveway: The Journey and Versatility of Salts Gone

Custom Chemicals and Coatings, based in Houston, TX, is a leading innovator in the chemical and coating industry. Our product, Salts Gone, was initially formulated for heavy-duty industrial applications like offshore platforms, chemical plants, and maritime vessels. Today, it's your go-to solution for protecting everything from cars to airplanes from the damaging effects of salt corrosion.

The Genesis of Salts Gone: More Than Just a Rinse

Salts Gone originated as a specialized surface preparation rinse for structures exposed to high salt concentrations, such as offshore platforms and ships along the Gulf Coast. In such environments, salt removal is crucial, especially when coatings costing hundreds of thousands of dollars are to be applied. Even a minuscule amount of residual salt can jeopardize the longevity and effectiveness of these expensive coatings.

Not Just Neutralizing, but Eliminating Salt

Unlike other products that merely neutralize salt, Salts Gone is a pH-neutral solution that completely removes salt and prevents it from reforming on the surface. In fact, it's so safe and effective that it's designed to be painted over, making it an unparalleled asset for protective coatings.

Expanding into New Markets: Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace

Recognizing the universal challenge posed by salt-induced corrosion, we introduced Salts Gone to the consumer market. Currently, it's employed across the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries, offering comprehensive corrosion protection.

Why Salts Gone is the Answer

  • Industrial Strength: Originally created for high-stakes industrial projects, Salts Gone meets rigorous performance standards.
  • Consumer-Friendly: Completely safe and pH-neutral, it’s suitable for home use on cars and other personal vehicles.
  • Versatile Application: From sea vessels to aircraft and cars, Salts Gone has proven effective across various industries.
  • Innovative Chemistry: Developed to remove chlorides to a degree that makes surfaces safe for coatings, its unique chemistry sets it apart.

Let’s Talk Custom Solutions

At Custom Chemicals and Coatings, we don't just stop at Salts Gone. If you're looking for custom chemical solutions or specialty coatings, we've got you covered. Feel free to call us at 832-242-1147 or visit our website at to submit an inquiry.

Take Proactive Measures Today

Don’t let salt-induced corrosion shorten the lifespan of your valuable assets. Whether you’re protecting a multi-million-dollar offshore platform or your family car, Salts Gone offers a state-of-the-art solution.

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