Who is Salts Gone?

Who is Salts Gone?

Salts Gone is a product that Custom Chemicals and Coatings produces and sells.

We are a chemical and coating manufacturer in Houston, TX. Salts Gone was originally created to be used as a surface preparation rinse on extremely salty structures. Offshore platforms, chemical plants, ships etc. along the Gulf Coast in order to safely be able to apply coatings overtop of them. These coatings projects are commonly hundreds of thousands of dollars and having salt remaining on the surface is detrimental to the life of the coating. 

Salts Gone was brought to the consumer market as it's a completely safe, PH neutral product that WORKS to not just "neutralize" salt, but completely remove it and prevent it from reforming. The product is safe enough that it is designed to be painted over.

This chemistry was created as there was nothing available on the commercial/industrial market that specifically removed chlorides to the degree that the surface was safe for coatings. 

Salts Gone is currently used in the automotive, marine and aerospace industry to prevent corrosion caused by salts. 

For custom chemical or specialty coatings please feel free to call us at 832-242-1147 or submit an inquiry on www.chemicalsandcoatings.com 

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