Salts Gone® vs. Salts Gone® Aviation Formula: Everything You Need to Know

Salts Gone® vs. Salts Gone® Aviation Formula: Everything You Need to Know

We frequently receive inquiries about the differences between our original Salts Gone® product and the Salts Gone® Aviation Formula. This is a great question, and we're eager to explain how these two formulations differ and cater to distinct needs.  

Many of you have expressed satisfaction with our original Salts Gone® product, which has proven effective at removing salts, inhibiting corrosion, and cleaning light dirt. This has made it a favorite among our customers.

However, the Salts Gone® Aviation Formula has been specially developed to meet the unique demands of the aviation industry. While both products are designed to remove salts and include corrosion inhibitors and surfactants, the aviation formula goes a step further by adhering to AMS1526C standards. These standards, set forth by Textron Aviation, prompted the development of a formula that meets their stringent specifications.

Key distinctions of the Aviation Salts Gone include:

  1. Compliance with AMS1526C Standards: This certification ensures the aviation product meets specific industry standards, making it suitable for use on aircraft and other aviation equipment.

  2. Enhanced Corrosion Inhibitors: The aviation formula includes additional corrosion inhibitors, offering extra protection to safeguard even the most sensitive materials from the harsh effects of salt and corrosion.

  3. Tailored for Exotic Metals: While the original Salts Gone works well on various surfaces, the aviation version is specifically enhanced to provide superior protection for specialized metals, such as magnesium and titanium, which are commonly used in aircraft construction.

In conclusion, both the original and the aviation-specific Salts Gone products deliver exceptional performance. The primary difference lies in the aviation formula's enhanced capabilities and compliance with industry standards, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of aviation maintenance and safety.

Thank you for your trust in our products. Whether you're using the original or the aviation formula, you can be confident that you’re receiving top-notch performance tailored to meet your specific needs.

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