What's the best way to flush my motors?

What's the best way to flush my motors?

Flushing your motors is critical! Like everything in life there are a few things to know that will make it easier and you will get better results.

  1. ALWAYS flush the motors when they are hot. There are thermostats inside of boat motors. When they cool the thermostats will close. If you are attempting to clean a boat motor when the thermostats are closed, its better than nothing, but you are likely missing about 2/3 of the motor.
  2. Flush higher HP motors longer. There is literally more area that needs to be cleaned.
  3. Use the Salts Gone™ motor flush attachment, wash station injector box, or simply kink the hose before you hook it up to the female end of your motor flush and pour 2-5 oz of product directly into the hose.
  4. When you begin to flush the motors you will clearly see "soapy" water coming out, continue your flush until you see only fresh water.

For motors with current overheating issues:

  1. Add Salts Gone™ via your preferred method.
  2. After you turn on the water source, just allot a few seconds of soapy water to discharge from the motor and SHUT OFF the water source.
  3. Leave Salts Gone™ to sit in motor for 1 hr.
  4. Flush thoroughly with fresh water.
  5. Based on the current condition of the motor this process can be repeated as many times as necessary until water begins to flow normally out of the motor. This will indicate that you have free water movement/cooling in the motor.

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  • Earl

    Thank you for reaching out, I’m a long time boat owner and have a 1976 Johnson 115 and the owners manual (original ) says don’t have to flush motor. Don’t believe. Would like to try just want to try so must be cost effective

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