What can I do about salt and brine on my car?

What can I do about salt and brine on my car?

The Federal Highway Administration estimates 23.5 billion dollars a year in damages to vehicles and infrastructure due to the salt and brine used on the roads to prevent hazardous driving conditions. Why do they use it? It works great at preventing ice from forming on the road and making it unsafe to drive (they know we won't stay home). 

We all know the salt and brine damage our vehicles, but what can we do about it? Traditional car washes recycle the water and put more salt on the surface. Garden hoses are usually stored away for the winter and a driveway carwash just isn't practical. Check this video out:


Salts Gone offers a simple, low water consumption and totally safe way to prevent vehicle damage. 

1 gallon will last most people an entire winter. 

Don't let your vehicle get damaged this winter!

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