Washing your vehicles after being out on the beach

Washing your vehicles after being out on the beach

We get asked quite often from marine customers "can we use this on our vehicles".... Absolutely! And you can read no further and defiantly not mess it up, but here's a few things we have learned that will help speed up your clean up.

  • High Volume, Low Pressure: People naturally want to grab their pressure washer. What we have found when dealing specifically with corrosion and not dirt, that we want a high volume and low pressure rinse. We want to flood the surface, not push things into cracks and crevices. This is particularly relevant to sand. Sand will begin to trap moisture in places you don't want it.
  • Do I rinse after spraying the Salts Gone™?: This is a personal choice. Not rinsing will never hurt the paint, finishes etc. But it will likely leave behind water spots. Especially if it dries fast in the sun. So generally speaking we suggest spraying the Salts Gone on the exterior of the vehicle and then rinsing. For undercarriage there is no need at all to rinse the Salts Gone™. You can just spay it and leave it.
  • Is there anywhere I can not spray it?: Nope! You can't mess it up!

A easy video to help you out with spraying under your vehicles.

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