Using Salts Gone™ To Prepare Vehicle For Undercoating

Using Salts Gone™ To Prepare Vehicle For Undercoating

Vehicle undercoating is both practical and popular for commercial vehicles, plow equipment and passenger vehicles. Generally these products are lanolin oil based and among the most popular are Fluid Film and Wool Wax. Their primary purpose is to protect the extremely venerable undercarriage of a vehicle from the harsh road salt and brine. 

They work by using a hydrophobic oil (lanolin oil is from sheep's wool) and liberally applying it to the undercarriage of a vehicle. 

The products can be both professionally installed or installed by the consumer themselves.

As they work well to keep materials from being in contact with the undercarriage, they also can trap any impurities left on the surface before their application. Getting an area prepared to be coated, is referred to as surface preparation.

Salts Gone™ is a commercial strength surface preparation product for undercoating as well as other various forms of paint. It removes any chlorides from the surface. This would include any residual road salts from the previous season, as well as the environmental salts which are often a result of the world we live in today and can be found in the air all through out the country. 

It is as easy as simply washing the underside of the vehicle where the undercoating is to be applied. The hose end sprayers, a pressure washer, pump up sprayer and virtually any other delivery device can be used. 

To prepare the surface:

Remove any loose or flaking rust

Liberally wash the underside of the vehicle with Salts Gone™. Be sure to run product through any angle iron, channels and crevices which will be covered with your undercoating product of choice. 

Allow the surface to thoroughly dry before applying your undercoating via the manufactures directions.

Adding this one simple step will increase the effectiveness of your undercoating and ensure you are not trapping any contanimrntes under the surface.

Question: Can Salts Gone™ be used after undercoating is applied?

Yes absolutely! Salts Gone™ does not emulsify (break down) oil. What this means is its a perfect complementary product to use in addition to your oil based undercoating through the winter. Undercoating is fantastic, but as we all know it rubs off, gets worn and often times areas are missed. 

Question: Can Salts Gone™ be used on the exterior of the vehicle?

Yes of course it can. Whether you are driving on the beach or driving over salt filled roads Salts Gone™ combines salt removal, corrosion inhibitors and surfactant (soap) in a all in one product. It is PH Neutral and safe to use over your ceramic coatings and wax without any risk of damage.

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