The Science of Salt: How Salts Gone Protects Your Vehicle from Corrosion

The Science of Salt: How Salts Gone Protects Your Vehicle from Corrosion

Salt is a fascinating substance, with unique properties that make it essential for various industrial applications, including road de-icing. While it’s abundant and nearly indestructible, salt has a dark side—its ability to cause corrosive damage to your vehicles. Let's delve into the science of salt and how Salts Gone can shield your assets from corrosive damage.

Why is Salt so Durable and Effective for De-icing?

Salt's properties are intriguing. For example, it has a boiling point of a staggering 2,699 degrees Fahrenheit, is highly soluble in water, and possesses a phenomenon known as freezing-point depression. Due to its abundance and resilience, it's a go-to solution for keeping our roads ice-free during winter. But what makes it good for road safety also makes it a menace for your vehicles.

What Happens to Your Vehicle When Exposed to Salt?

Imagine leaving a pot of boiling water unattended on your stove. When you return, you notice a hard, white residue lining the pot's sides and bottom. Scrub as you might, this material doesn't come off easily. This residue is similar to salt, and it's precisely what occurs under your vehicle.

During winter, the extreme heat generated by your car or truck can essentially "bake" salt onto the vehicle. Even though the salt dissolves when exposed to water, it doesn't vanish. This cycle repeats itself throughout the cold season, leading to the gradual corrosion of your vehicle's metal components.

How Salts Gone Provides a Solution

Salts Gone employs a potent chelating agent that binds with salt molecules, making them easy to remove. But it doesn't just stop there; it also leaves behind a layer of electrons that provide a sacrificial material for the new salt to land on.

Why Choose Salts Gone?

Whether you're an individual looking to protect your personal car or a business responsible for a fleet of commercial vehicles, Salts Gone offers a simple yet effective solution. And for those looking to venture into a mobile salt removal service, we have the knowledge and resources you need to get started.

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Don't wait for corrosion to compromise your vehicle or fleet. Take proactive measures today with Salts Gone and guard against the detrimental effects of road salt.


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