The Science of Salt Removal

The Science of Salt Removal

Salt has some unique characteristics to it. It boils at 2,699 degrees, is soluble in water and creates a phanonomon called freezing point depression. It is also so commonly found that there is never a shortage of it and is practically impossible to destroy making it ideal for de-icing many of our local roadways. 

Have you ever left a pot of boiling water on the stove and forgot about it. When you finally return there is a buildup on the sides and bottom of hard white stuff. When you add a little water to it you find out it does not come off quite as easily as you would have expected. What was left behind is the same stuff salt is made from (and some of it salt itself). 

The boiling water example is exactly what is occurring under your vehicle. Extremely high temperatures literally bake salt onto your car or truck. When the salt is reintroduced to water it solubilizes but does not just disappear. This occurs over and over again all winter long.

Salts Gone works by using a powerful chelating agent to bond with the salt molecules. This allows them to be easily removed and leaves behind a barrier for them to not stick back to the vehicle. In essence it is a magnet for salt and once it sticks it creates a hydrophilic layer that prevents more from attacking the parent material. Its like teflon for salt. 

The world is full of chemistry and salt is a real issue. Fortunately we worry about that and all you need to do is use it.

Whether you are looking to protect a personal vehicle or manage a fleet of trucks Salts Gone will work for you.

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