Parking in a garage? How temperature effects corrosion.

Parking in a garage? How temperature effects corrosion.

Coffee in hand you head to your car first thing in the morning. It's been parked in the garage all night. Thank goodness you don't have to get into a sub zero vehicle, or scrape ice and snow off of it. It's as good as it will get for you during the winter, but how about for your car?

Corrosion is directly related to heat. Parking your car in your above freezing garage is actually accelerating the corrosive effect that salt and brine has on the vehicle. Salt and metal have a magical relationship that gets very excited when temperate increases and that is exactly what happens when you park your car in the garage. 

Salts Gone is specifically designed to be extremely concentrated and use very little water.  It works by spraying it on the vehicle, most commonly with a pump sprayer (weed sprayer) and rinsing it off with a small amount of water. The average car will use only 2-3 gallons of liquid to rinse the underneath and exterior. This is something that you can easily do in your garage at night to prevent overnight corrosion. 

Nobody is going to forgo parking the car in the garage, but with a little education and the right tools your vehicle can stay beautiful for years to come. If you are like most people your car is your 2nd largest investment next to your home. Protect it. 

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