Maximizing Thixo-Trop: A guide to Optimal Application on Trailers and Restoration Projects

Maximizing Thixo-Trop: A guide to Optimal Application on Trailers and Restoration Projects

In the world of corrosion defense, Thixo-Trop stands out as a versatile solution, offering an advanced and adaptive coating that goes beyond the ordinary. This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of Thixo-Trop, particularly when applying it to trailers or breathing new life into old projects.

Understanding Thixo-Trop: An Overview 🛠️

Before we dive into the specifics, let's revisit the essence of Thixo-Trop. This advanced coating boasts a thixotropic formula, maintaining viscosity until activated by friction. This unique feature ensures a smooth application, making Thixo-Trop an ideal choice for various projects, including trailers and restoration endeavors.

Best Practices for Trailers:

  1. Surface Preparation:

    • Begin by thoroughly cleaning the trailer surface to remove any dirt, grease, or contaminants. This step is crucial for allowing Thixo-Trop to adhere effectively.
  2. Rust Treatment with Rusts Gone™:

    • For trailers with existing rust, consider using Rusts Gone™ before applying Thixo-Trop. This dynamic duo ensures comprehensive rust treatment and long-lasting protection.
  3. Application Method:

    • Utilize a brush or roller for a 6-10 mil wet film application of Thixo-Trop. Ensure an even coat, paying extra attention to areas prone to corrosion.
  4. Multiple Coats for Enhanced Protection:

    • If necessary, wait at least one hour (or longer in damp or cold conditions) before applying a second coat. Multiple coats enhance Thixo-Trop's protective capabilities.

Revitalizing Old Projects:

  1. Surface Inspection:

    • Assess the condition of the old project to identify areas that may need rust treatment or special attention. Clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Direct Application:

    • Apply Thixo-Trop directly to the metal surface using a brush or roller. The thixotropic formula ensures easy application and adherence.
  3. Consider Optional Zinc Powder:

    • If additional corrosion resistance is desired, consider integrating optional Zinc Powder into Thixo-Trop. Mix until a consistent gray color is achieved.
  4. Topcoat for Finishing Touch:

    • If the project requires a topcoat, use zinc-free Thixo-Trop to provide a resilient finish.

Thixo-Trop is a dynamic solution that adapts to various projects, providing advanced corrosion defense. Whether you're safeguarding a trailer or revitalizing an old project, following these best practices ensures optimal results. Explore the transformative power of Thixo-Trop, where innovation meets practical application.

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