Why Salts Gone is the Perfect Match for Your Wax and Ceramic Coated Assets: A Deep Dive into the Science

Why Salts Gone is the Perfect Match for Your Wax and Ceramic Coated Assets: A Deep Dive into the Science

Introduction: Protect Your Investments Confidently

When it comes to maintaining your valuable assets like cars, boats, trucks, or airplanes, you don't want to take any chances. Especially if you've invested in premium wax or ceramic coatings, you need a cleaning product that won't strip or degrade them. That's where Salts Gone comes in, and here's why it's the perfect companion for your coated investments.

Salts Gone: Gentle but Effective

First and foremost, let's clear the air: Salts Gone will not damage, strip, or degrade your wax or ceramic coatings. So how can we make such a bold claim? It all comes down to the science of pH levels.

Understanding pH Levels: The Why Behind Salts Gone

The Extreme Ends of pH

Cleaning products typically have either a high pH (alkaline) or a low pH (acid). For instance:

  • Chlorine Bleach: With a pH level of 11-13, it's great for tackling organic growth like mold and fungus. However, its corrosive nature makes it unsuitable for coated surfaces.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Sporting a pH of around 3, it's fantastic for breaking down mineral and non-organic residue but is definitely not meant for your coated vehicles or boats.

The Neutral Ground: Salts Gone's pH Advantage

Salts Gone stands out with a neutral pH of 7, the same as water and salt. This pH neutrality is essential for effectively removing salt without altering its inherent characteristics. You see, when you alter the pH of salt, it temporarily ceases to be salt, leading to ineffective cleaning. And that brings us to the next big question—how does Salts Gone work?

The Chemistry of Salts Gone: How It Works

The Art of Chelation

Salts Gone employs the chemical process known as chelation. It attracts various forms of salt—like sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride—by sharing electrons, effectively disarming the corrosive nature of these salts. Once the salt is attracted to the product, the chelation process kicks in, forming stronger bonds that neutralize the corrosive elements.

A Permanent Solution

The beauty of Salts Gone is its permanent effect. Once the elements are separated and bonded through chelation, they can never revert to their corrosive forms. This means even if water is reintroduced, the elements cannot transform back into harmful salts.

Safe for Wax and Ceramic Coatings

Rest assured, Salts Gone has zero effects on wax and ceramic coatings. These coatings do not contain soluble chlorides, making them immune to any degradation from Salts Gone.

Conclusion: Trust Salts Gone for Your High-Value Assets

Now that you've got the science down, you can use Salts Gone on your most significant investments with complete confidence. Trust the chemistry and protect your valuable assets today!

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