Does Salts Gone Strip Wax and Ceramic Coatings?

Does Salts Gone Strip Wax and Ceramic Coatings?

First off: Salts Gone WILL NOT damage, strip or degrade wax or ceramic coatings.

The why: Generally products used for cleaning will have a high ph (alkaline) or a low ph (acid). Salts Gone has a neutral PH. 

Some common examples:

-Chlorine Bleach 11-13 PH (Sodium Hydroxide) Picture alkaline cleaners being used for organic growth. Mold, fungus, etc. This is a commonly used commercial product for removing algae for example in a pressure washing system. It is highly corrosive. So, although a great cleaner for some applications, not something that you would want to use on a waxed surface. 

-Toilet Bowl Cleaner about 3 PH. Used to break down mineral and non organic residue.  Obviously not something you would want to use on a car, boat, truck, airplane etc. Vinegar is also a PH of 3 - and using it to effectively remove salt is an urban legend and not at all based on science. 

Salts Gone PH 7 - This is the same PH as water and salt. It is very important to remove salt with the same PH that it is in its current state. This is because when the PH is raised or lowered it will temporarily not be salt anymore. One of the characteristics of it is its PH. Traditionally people will use acids (like vinegar) to "neutralize" the salt. This is effective, until the ph is raised again and it becomes salt once more. This water can be introduced as rain, humidity, etc. The previously lowered PH will then again raise making the sodium and chlorine form into salt once more. 

How is Salts Gone working: It uses the chemical process of chelation. There are various forms of salt - hence why the product is called Salts Gone. These are commonly sodium chloride, magnesium chloride (brine), potassium chloride (brine). Salts Gone is drawing the salt towards it with electrons (salt is always seeking electrons and this is what causes rust). As a frame of reference, water is full of electrons. This is why when you make salt wet it looks like it is gone - until the electrons are used up (water dries) and then the salt is evident as it was before. After the salt is drawn to the product it chelates - simply provides the sodium something to bond with and the chlorine something to bond with. These bonds are stronger than what it's finding in each other. So essentially, the elements are separated and bonded to form a non corrosive, non hazardous, non harmful mixture. They will never become salt again as they are no longer attracted to one another. It will not matter when water is reintroduced to the surface as they can not form into a type of salt again.

What is found in wax and ceramic coatings is not a soluble chloride and so Salts Gone has ZERO effect on them. Chemically there is nothing at all to deteriorate or degrade them in any way shape or form. 

Use Salts Gone on your largest investments with a high degree of confidence now that you have a better understanding!

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