How does the corrosion inhibitor in Salts Gone™ work?

How does the corrosion inhibitor in Salts Gone™ work?
Corrosion is all about the flow of electrons leaving a material. Salts Gone™ is providing huge amounts of electrons and replenishing them.
Salt pulls the electrons out of whatever it sits on. This is what makes it corrosive. By replacing the electrons that are lost it can repair damaged surfaces as well as protects the surface when new salt falls on it.
This pulley wheel sat as part of a boat lift for roughly 10 years on the bay in Galveston. Obviously it looks oxidized and has corrosion on it.
Rusted Pulley Wheel
For this simple demonstration we took the wheel and placed half of it in Salts Gone™ for roughly 20 hours. The results speak for themselves. 
Use on any rusted or oxidized parts you may have and when you see conditions improve on items you use Salts Gone™ on regularly, now you know why!
Wheel placed in Salts Gone™
Salts Gone™ worked it's magic
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