How Do I Use Salts Gone?

How Do I Use Salts Gone?

Salts Gone is not complicated at all and can be applied several different ways. 

Hand Wash - Sure you can do a good old fashion hand wash!

Pump Sprayer - Yes the same type of sprayer you use for killing weeds in your garden you can use to rinse the salt off your car! We have an economical one available in our store. Pump sprayers are great because they use very little water. Water consumption is often an issue in the winter time because its below freezing! A pump sprayer allows you to easily use water from inside the house to rinse your vehicles. Typically this would be idea for a residential application (your personal vehicle). 

  • 3-5 gallons of total water used on average vehicle
  • Can use the "arm" to reach under vehicle and in tight places
  • Easy to fill with water from inside the house or shop
  • Ideal for personal vehicles

Pressure Washer/Garden Hose Proportioner - These tools would normally be reserved for more commercial outfits where there are a volume of trucks or vehicles to do at one time. It is worth the effort to hook up running water outside in spite of the elements for the huge gain in productivity. The chemical just needs to be rinsed on and off. Not every square inch pressure washed. 

Portable Unit- Salts Gone can be used in any soft wash system. Simply spray on and rinse off! We offer a terrific soft wash unit. It runs with a 12V water pump so no worries of a gas engine. It features a 135 gallon water tank, steel cage, 200' hose reel, water pump and proportioner. The unit also comes with 55 gallons of Salts Gone to get things started. This unit is ideal for an entrepreneur looking to start a small business or grow their existing one. Also it is very popular for truck fleets and municipalities as it offers a turn key tool that can be moved around with a forklift or in the back of a small truck to service the fleet.

Car Washes - Yes some people are lucky enough to live by car washes that offer Salts Gone as the initial "pre-soak"! Ask your car wash if they use it and if not request it by name! 


1 Gallon

5 Gallons

55 Gallons

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