After I Launch My Boat, How Should I Care For My Trailer

After I Launch My Boat, How Should I Care For My Trailer

Navigating the high demand and soaring prices for trailers in the boating industry can be overwhelming. But fret not, we’ve got solutions for maintaining and protecting your invaluable asset—especially after you've launched your boat. Let’s dive in!

The Most Vulnerable Moment: Post-Launch Sun Exposure ☀️

It’s a common misconception that trailers are only exposed to corrosive salt water during the boat launch. The reality is, trailers are most vulnerable when they're sitting idle in the sun, after you've taken your boat out on the water. Heat accelerates the corrosive action of salt, making protection crucial during these periods.

Solution 1: Pump-Up Sprayers—Your On-the-Go Savior 🌿

Let’s face it, running water is often a luxury at boat ramps. Enter the pump-up sprayer, an innovative yet straightforward solution. Think of it as your portable rinse station; it's the same sprayer you might use for tackling weeds in your garden.

How to Use: Mix 1.5 oz of Salts Gone™ per gallon of water in the sprayer. (Technically, it's 1.28 oz, but who's counting?) After launching the boat, simply spray down your trailer thoroughly. No need for a fresh water rinse; any water spots that appear are a small price to pay for salt-free protection and will disappear upon next exposure to water.

Solution 2: Hose End Sprayers—The Undercarriage Hero 🌊

When it comes to those hard-to-reach areas under your trailer, hose-end sprayers can be real game-changers. Need to invert the sprayer? No problem. Just unscrew the blue top, remove the straw, reattach the top, and you're good to go. To revert it, re-insert the straw properly, and it works as good as new.

Solution 3: Salts Gone™ Wash Station—For the Big Boats 🛳️

Got a large boat? Don't sweat it. Utilize a garden sprinkler to target those tricky spots under your trailer. Just replace your standard hose nozzle with a sprinkler head, and you'll provide your trailer the comprehensive cleansing it needs.

Final Thoughts

Trailers, like boats, are a substantial investment, especially in today's market. They require meticulous care and effective solutions like Salts Gone™ to maintain their longevity and performance. So next time you take your boat out, remember these tips and give your trailer the protection it deserves!

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