Salts Gone Pump Sprayer Instructions

Pump Sprayer Operating Instructions:

  • Whenever possible, mix formula in a suitable container and then fill the sprayer. When mixing inside the bottle, first pour the recommended amount of the Salts Gone® (1oz) into the bottle, then fill with the desired amount of water (2L). 
  • Re-install the pump assembly- turn clockwise to tighten.
  • Pump the handle approximately 30 strokes to pressurize the bottle. 
  • Depress the trigger to discharge liquid. 
  • The trigger can be locked down in the "on" position by first depressing the trigger and then by pushing the lock button down and forward. 
  • To release the lock button, slide backward (away from the pump knob).
  • Adjusting the spray pattern- the spray pattern can be adjusted by turning the outermost spray nozzle. To adjust to a straight stream-turn counterclockwise. To adjust to a mist pattern- turn clockwise. 

WARNING-After use, slowly release any pressure remaining in the sprayer. Place the base of the sprayer on a level surface, grip the pump base and slowly turn the pump assembly counterclockwise to vent compressed air. Avoid depressing the trigger as formula may discharge if under pressure. Alternately, the contents may be discharged into a proper storage container or the original formula container. 


Gallon Pump Attachment:

Each Pump Sprayer includes a jug pump accessory for easy use. To set it up, insert the clear tube into the pump mechanism and securely attach it to your gallon container of Salts Gone®. To fill your spray bottle, press the pump four times to dispense the Salts Gone® Concentrate (it may require a few initial pumps to get the liquid flowing). Afterward, add 2 liters of water to dilute the concentrate in your spray bottle. This method eliminates the need for separate measuring of concentrate and water.