Salts Gone is an instantly acting salt and brine remover for vehicles, boats and other industrial applications. It is PH neutral and safe on all surfaces.

Salts Gone works through the chemical process of chelation. It is satisfying the chemical bond of the elements that makes up the various forms of salt. In more simple terms (and the most common simple form of salt as an example) the NaCl becomes separated. Na is removed from the Cl and each have a new bond. They will never form salt again as they have been satisfied.

Water will create the appearance that salt is gone while it is wet. What it did was simply solubize it, and when it dries the salt will remain on the surface. It takes an imense amount of water to fully remove salt. Its easy to taste a teaspoon of salt in a large pot of water. Think of how much water you would need until you could no longer taste it.

The more technical answer is that the salt is attracted to the electrons in the water. It stays in the water until it is gone. Once the electrons from the water are gone it is back to seeking the electrons from the metal surfaces. This is what we visually see as rust.

Almost anything that you do to prevent salt and brine will be less expensive than the damage and depreciation that they will cause if left untreated! However Salts Gone mixes with water at a 1:100 ratio, meaning that 1 gallon will make 100 gallons of water. Most normal vehicles require less than 5 gallons of mixed solution to thoroughly rinse (just 3 - 5 oz of Salts Gone.

You can introduce our product to a surface in a variety of ways.

Pump Sprayer

Pressure Washer

Our 32 oz hose end sprayers that mix Salts Gone with water at 1:100 ratio

Spray Bottle

Soft Wash System

Like many products Salts Gone was originally created for commercial/industrial applications. Food processing facilities, salt mines etc. We have recently made it available to consumers to help combat the billions of dollars a year in damage due to salt and brine used by the cities and states.

Nope! Salts Gone will simply remove the soluble chlorides from the surface.

Yes absolutely. Please feel free to call 832-242-1147 for more detailed information and qualities.

We absolutely guarantee that Salts Gone will remove soluble chlorides from virtually any surface!