What is Salts Gone?

Salts Gone is a powerful salt and brine remover designed for vehicles, boats, and industrial applications. Its PH-neutral formula ensures it's safe for use on all surfaces.

How Does It Work?

Salts Gone utilizes the process of chelation to effectively eliminate salt deposits. By breaking the chemical bonds within different forms of salt, such as NaCl, the elements are separated and their original bonds are replaced. This prevents the reformation of salt, effectively neutralizing its presence.

How is it Different Than Just Water?

Unlike water, which temporarily dissolves salt upon contact but leaves behind deposits when it evaporates, Salts Gone removes salt at a molecular level. Water merely solubilizes salt, while Salts Gone actively breaks down the bonds, preventing reattachment to surfaces and subsequent rust formation.

Is It Expensive?

Preventing salt and brine damage is more cost-effective than dealing with the consequences. Salts Gone is mixed at a 1:100 ratio with water, meaning that a single gallon can create 100 gallons of solution. 

How Do I Apply Salts Gone?

Applying Salts Gone is convenient and adaptable. You can use methods like:

  • Pump Sprayer
  • Pressure Washer
  • 32 oz hose end sprayers that mix Salts Gone with water at a 1:100 ratio
  • Spray Bottle
  • Soft Wash System

Is This New?

Originally designed for industrial applications like food processing facilities and salt mines, Salts Gone has now been made available to consumers. It's a solution to combat the extensive damage caused by salt and brine used by cities and states, saving billions of dollars in potential harm.

Will It Harm My Wax or Ceramic Coatings?

Not at all! Salts Gone removes only soluble chlorides from surfaces, leaving your wax or ceramic coatings untouched.

Do you work with states and municipalities? 
Yes absolutely. Please feel free to call 832-242-1147 for more detailed information and qualities.       
Is There A Guarantee?
We absolutely guarantee that Salts Gone will remove soluble chlorides from virtually any surface!
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