Coastal Living

Coastal living is a luxury not everybody gets to enjoy. With home ownership near the water, there are some inherent issues with the salt air. Salts Gone™ will help you to extend the life of your AC units, vehicles, outdoor furniture and even make cleaning your windows easy!

Salts Gone™ is an instantly acting chelating agent for salt/brine. There are 3 primary components to it:

  1. Chelating agents for the various forms of salt
  2. Corrosion inhibitors to prevent future salt from causing further damage
  3. Surfactant (soap)

Salts Gone™ is:

  • PH Neutral
    • This means it's safe on any material you would find around the house, including metals, glass, paint. It's even safe to fall on your landscaping making it hastle free and easy to use.
  • Highly Concentrated
    • Each gallon makes one hundred gallons of finished solution (1:100)
  • Can be applied with or without running water
    • Running water: Hose end sprayers, injector boxes, pressure washer
    • No running water: Pump Sprayer, Battery operated sprayer
  • Salts Gone™ does not emulsify oil 
    • This means it's safe to use on your reels

In depth look at protecting your coastal property

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