Salts Gone™ instantly removes salts, protects against corrosion and contains premium surfactant for a brilliant finish.

Compliant with all FAA Guidelines

PH Neutral (even in the concentrate)

Does NOT emulsify oil, safe to use in conjunction with any oil-based corrosion inhibitors or lubricants

100% Water Soluble

Guaranteed Performance

Spotless Shine

Easy To Use

Wax and Ceramic Coating Safe

Zero VOC's

General Aviation



Detailed Walkthrough on a Beechcraft Bonanza

A very thorough walk through of how to use Salts Gone on your General Aviation plane. This video contains a detailed look at corrosion, key parts to focus on and demonstrates the ease of use with the Salts Gone™ hose end sprayer.

Understanding corrosion on a Piper Navajo Panther

A very detailed walkthrough on this famous aircraft. This video highlights the use of our Commercial Wash Stations showing their ease of use and practicality on larger air craft.

Detailed Walkthrough on a Robinson Helicopter

This video is a detailed look at a Robinson Helicopter used daily in coastal agricultural applications. It includes an in depth look and personal experiences shared by pilot and owner Ryan Ashcroft of Ashcroft Aviation.

Preventing Corrosion On A Barron

In this video two veteran instructors and evaluators walk through a Barron. They highlight not only how to use Salts Gone™, but how much gets used and just how long it takes!

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