32 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle
32 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle

32 oz. Refillable Spray Bottle

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Bottle comes full of 32 oz of Salts Gone™ concentrate

Simple to use! Refillable

Hook up a standard garden hose and start rinsing with Salts Gone. The 32 oz bottle comes full of concentrate and ready to use. 

Our hose end sprayers DO NOT mix water in the bottle with the product. The Salts Gone™ will be proportioned directly into the water stream. This gives a consistent 1:100 ratio of product from start to finish. The bottle will be empty when it's time to refill. 


Refillable - Add the concentrate (do not premix with water)

32 oz.

Off- On - Water Only Function


    Guaranteed to Remove Salt and Brine

    Specifically Formulated to Eliminate Your Problem

    100% Bio-Degradable and Safe

    Safe for Residential and Marine Use

    100% MADE IN THE USA

    Take Pride in American Manufacturing