Automotive Applications

  • PH Neutral

    You already know that salt is corrosive to your vehicle. You also know it's that time of year where it's virtually impossible to drive anywhere without getting covered in it.

    Salts Gone™ is an instantly acting chelating agent for salt/brine. There are 3 primary compenents to it:

    1. Chelating agents for the various forms of salt
    2. Corrosion inhbitors to prevent futher salt from causing further damage
    3. Surfactant (soap)

    Salts Gone™ is:

      • This means its safe on any material you would find on a vehicle, including metals, glass, paint, ceramic coatings, wax, vinyl wraps etc.
    • Highly Concentrated
      • Each gallon makes one hundred gallons of finished solution (1:100)
    • Can be applied with or without running water
      • Running water: Hose end sprayers, injector boxes, pressure washer
      • No running water: Pump Sprayer
    • Salts Gone™ does not emulsify oil 
      • This means it's safe to use with any undercoating product

    This video highlights using Salts Gone™ in a pump sprayer.

    This is ideal for customers who do not have access to running water. This can be done with any pump sprayer. The ones we use have telescoping arms and an adjustable bell nozzle on them. This makes it easy to reach underneath of the vehicle and adjust the angle of the nozzle (up, straight, down).

    This video highlights using Salts Gone™ with a hose end sprayer

  • The Salts Gone™ refillable hose end sprayer is fantastic if you have access to running water. It automatically proportions the Salts Gone to a 1:100 ratio. The Salts Gone concentrate is shipped in the 32 oz bottle and is refillable via gallons or 5 gallon pails. It moves product very quickly and makes a short job out of any application!

    5 Min. TV Segment on Salts Gone™ on Motor Head Garage

     This video provides comprehensive instructions on the usage of Salts Gone™ as well as information about our mobile services.