Start A Mobile Salt Removal Business! $4,995 Includes Equipment and Chemical for over 1,000 vehicles!

Start A Mobile Salt Removal Business! $4,995 Includes Equipment and Chemical for over 1,000 vehicles!

If you are like most people you are constantly thinking of ways to make more money. Sometimes the job isn't fulfilling, sometimes you just need more to live the lifestyle you want to. Business opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. I have a passion for helping people to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and live life to the fullest. That is why we put together a business opportunity for anyone at $4,995. Call us at 832-242-1147. 

Each year the Federal Highway Administration attributes 23.5 billion dollars in damage and depreciation due to road salt. There are thousands of small business out there spreading the stuff, but nobody is out there removing it! Its almost as though we have just accepted the fact that our vehicles, trucks and snow removal equipment will only last a few years. For most of us these are huge purchases and investments!

The Salts Gone Mobile Salt Removal business was created as a low cost, high demand business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. We provide an extremely professional looking setup that goes right in the back of your pickup truck or small trailer if you choose. Its turn-key, comes with 55 gallons of Salts Gone and will allow you to run ANY chemical through it. This means in the spring and summer you can run car wash soaps, roof cleaners, algae removers etc. through the same machine. 

I have sold at least 1,000 mobile businesses over the years (yes I'm a serial entrepreneur) with the lowest entry level price of $45,000. Unfortunately this created a huge barrier of entry for people who loved the equipment and support, but just straight out lacked the funding to get started. Don't read this wrong, many of them have been wildly successful and could not be happier to have taken the leap. But they had a larger amount of money to invest. 

The business is simple. Every vehicle where you live has salt on it during the winter months. Provide a mobile service to remove the salt, protect the vehicle and then repeat every 1-4 weeks as they see fit. Truck fleets (18 wheelers), Plow Trucks, Salt Spreaders all NEED your services. The value proposition is very clear and people understand the need. They KNOW salt is corrosive. They know the damage that will happen and are willing to pay to remove it. 

If you are new to being an entrepreneur, or feel like you are a hard worker but don't know anything about selling and marketing your services please don't worry. We can help with that also.

Our turn key setup is $4,995 and includes:

-55 gallons of Salts Gone (10 (5) gal pails or a 55 gal drum)

-135 gallon water tank

-Chemical proportioner

-12V water pump (up to 7 gpm)

-200' commercial hose

-Powder coated hose reel

-Metal cage for mounting and moving


Call us at 832-242-1147 or email

We are here to help. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. 




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